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A Burning Man Project, Part 4vid

A Burning Man Project, Part 4

The Thinking Cap in action! You can see last year's Mystery Meteor in action here.
lexmonkey Aug 24, 2006
Fireworks factory explosion stolen from Google Videovid

Fireworks factory explosion (stolen from Google Video)

In 2004 a fireworks factory in Denmark caught fire. The results were spectacular.
lexmonkey Jul 04, 2006

"If the people of this country have spoken, the message is we're okay with it all."

This is a fantastic speech given by James Spader (written by David E. Kelly) on Boston Legal last week. The episode's plot involves his character…
lexmonkey Mar 21, 2006
lexmonkey Mar 08, 2006
The Simpsons with live actorsvid

The Simpsons with live actors

The UK's Sky One channel made this to promo the show. It's not 100% perfect but they did a fantastic job. (For some reason the sound…
lexmonkey Mar 05, 2006
Monkey's Mystery Meteor Rockvid

Monkey's Mystery Meteor Rock

Here is that color-changing rock I created for Burning Man last year, now presented in full (but grainy) motion - thanks to the miracle of…
lexmonkey Feb 16, 2006
David Cross goes off on Foxvid

David Cross goes off on Fox

A short rant by David Cross (in Tobias F√ľnke/Mrs. Featherbottom costume) criticizing Fox's inability to find an audience for Arrested Development. (Yes, I'm still bitter.)
lexmonkey Feb 12, 2006
lexmonkey Jan 06, 2006
neon bananapic
lexmonkey Nov 02, 2005
channeling lennon by way of avedonpic
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